Country of Focus – Japan

Hey everyone, here is a piece of writing about Japan

  1.  Did you know the red on the flag represents the sun against a white background.
  2. Japan is in the largest continent in the world, Asia. Did you know 60% of the world lives in Asia.
  3. Japan is in the northern hemisphere. The northern hemisphere has more pollution than the southern hemisphere.
  4. Tokyo is the capital of Japan, the population of Tokyo is 37.393.
  5. The population of Japan is 126,476,461.
  6. Japanese is the national language of Japan but different cities speak different types of Japanese.
  7. The currency of Japan is Japanese yen.
  8. Facts: 1. They eat KFC for dinner on Christmas night. 2. The toilets sing for you. 3. You can rent a cuddle. 4. In vending machines you can buy everything from live lobsters, bread in a can, to underwear, hot ramen and even an egg.
  9. In 2019, Japan was Australia’s fifth largest inbound market for visitor arrivals, and for total visitor spend and sixth for visitor nights.
  10. Kon’ nichiwa  is how to say hello in Japanese. Did you know people bow to greet each other in japan.
  11. Here are a few countries surrounded by japan and their relation to it. Russia (north), Philippines(south),Malaysia(south west) Indonesia(south),China(west).

I hope you found it interesting.



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