My new widget’s!

Hi everyone, I have added quite a few new widgets. I have added one to let you know the weather. I have also added two pets a pig and a hedgehog. I added a button to take you to my buddies blog. As the year progresses I will add many more widgets.  I hope you enjoy using my widgets.



Country of Focus – Japan

Hey everyone, here is a piece of writing about Japan

  1.  Did you know the red on the flag represents the sun against a white background.
  2. Japan is in the largest continent in the world, Asia. Did you know 60% of the world lives in Asia.
  3. Japan is in the northern hemisphere. The northern hemisphere has more pollution than the southern hemisphere.
  4. Tokyo is the capital of Japan, the population of Tokyo is 37.393.
  5. The population of Japan is 126,476,461.
  6. Japanese is the national language of Japan but different cities speak different types of Japanese.
  7. The currency of Japan is Japanese yen.
  8. Facts: 1. They eat KFC for dinner on Christmas night. 2. The toilets sing for you. 3. You can rent a cuddle. 4. In vending machines you can buy everything from live lobsters, bread in a can, to underwear, hot ramen and even an egg.
  9. In 2019, Japan was Australia’s fifth largest inbound market for visitor arrivals, and for total visitor spend and sixth for visitor nights.
  10. Kon’ nichiwa  is how to say hello in Japanese. Did you know people bow to greet each other in japan.
  11. Here are a few countries surrounded by japan and their relation to it. Russia (north), Philippines(south),Malaysia(south west) Indonesia(south),China(west).

I hope you found it interesting.


Writing Challenge – Using connectives


Hey everyone, here is a short descriptive piece of writing.

As  I was walking through the humid forest I feel the heat pressing against my skin. Firstly I started off at the beginning of the forest where all the trees are fully green and extremely lush. The reason why I went on this imaginative journey is because I love the humidity and the loneliness of forests. As I keep walking a long the bridge it starts to become unsteady and more intriguing.  I can hear the cheeping of of the birds just above me.  The rustling of the bushes keep me alert on this interesting journey. I watch the animals go past me carelessly doing whatever they need to do. There are broken branches around me that I step over. However the branches give the forest a  unique feeling. At  first  I thought a dinosaur was creeping up on me but thank good it was just a large bird! All of a sudden my legs start to ache so I sit down. Once I had rested for a but I decided to turn back. Out of no where a see a few rangers gathering people because the national park is started too close. I try to hurry out of the forest so I can go home. As I walk back home I think to my self about the forest and how amazing forests are.

I hope you liked it!

Gabby 🙂



Country of Focus – China

Hi everyone, here is a piece of writing about china.

Attach a  picture of the Chinese flag.

Did you know the red on the Chinese flag stands for blood lost while the history of china was made. The big star stands for the communist government and the four smaller stars stand for the soldiers, peasants, middle class citizens and workers.

Which continent is China in?

China is in the largest continent in the world, Asia.

What is the capital city of China?

The capital city of China is Beijing. Did you know Beijing is one of the oldest cities in the world. The population of Beijing is 21.54 million.

Is China in the Northern or the Southern Hemisphere?

China is in the Southern Hemisphere. Did you know the southern hemisphere has more water mass than the Northern Hemisphere.

What is the national language? Is there more than one?

Mandarin it the national language in China. They also speak cantonese, shanghainese and fuzhou.

What is the currency?

The currency they use in china is Renminbi. Renminbi means “the peoples currency”.

What is one connection China has with Australia?

China is Australia’s most important inbound market.

Here are a few facts about China: – In summer people eat dogs for good luck – After women give birth they have to sit for a month

List at least three countries that share a border with China including their location (for example, Mongolia is to the North)

China shares borders with Bhutan(south),Afghanistan(west), India(south west), Kazakhstan(north west), North Korea(north east), Kyrgyzstan(north west), Laos(south), Mongolia(North), Myanmar (Burma)(South), Nepal(south west), Pakistan(south west), Russia(north), Tajikistan(west).

I hope you liked it! If you have any questions or if you liked something please tell me in the comments.

Gabby 😀

My First Post🥳

Hi everyone my name is Gabby and I am sooo excited to start my blog.

I’m in year 6 and I’m 11 years old.

I love tennis, boogie boarding, elephants and the colours pink and yellow.

I love having fun with my friends 😀 .

I live in Australia and I am looking forward to meeting other people around the world! 🌎 .

Happy Blogging!!!

(Photo by  Roberto Nickson).